Christensens talk with Dolf Moon

Back in 2012, Hutchinson Township residents Bill and Gayle Christensen looked at a Hutchinson transportation map with Parks and Recreation Director Dolf Moon. The Christensens live and farm near the county’s proposed ring road around the city’s northeast side.

McLeod County and Hutchinson are seeking public input on a plan to build a northeast ring road around Hutchinson.

The road would connect State Highway 15 on Hutchinson's north side to State Highway 7 on the east. Current efforts are building on previous studies.

SRF Consulting Group was hired to help study traffic levels, review route alignments, identify impacts, estimate costs and engage with the community. To provide input, visit More information about the project can be found at the link as well. Comments will be received through March 19.  They can also be submitted to project manager Leif Garnass at, or by phone at 763-452-4725.