Census Bureau begins Economic Census

State funded grants of up to $750 for 2020 census outreach efforts are now available to local community groups in Minnesota. 

Groups are approved on a first come, first served basis for up to 400 committees. To be eligible, committees must: 

  • be a non-profit, government, school district, college or university entity, or operate under a fiscal agent
  • agree to participate in one census outreach training provided by the Minnesota State Demographic Center
  • agree to participate in the Commit to Be Counted (C2BC) digital organizing campaign managed by the State Demographic Center
  • agree to use the grant for digital organizing, outreach to residents in high-density housing, and/or efforts to target historically undercounted communities

Funding for the grants was passed during the 2019 legislative session. To submit an application for grant funds, visit tinyurl.com/y4u2taus. Applicants who are approved will receive their money within three weeks of submitting their application. 

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