Following the departure of Hutchinson School Board Chair Josh Gehlen at the end of last month, board members at Monday evening’s meeting decided how to proceed.

Vice Chair Keith Kamrath was nominated by Board Member Byron Bettenhausen to fill the chair role until the end of the year. A new chair is selected each January. As there were no further nominations, Kamrath became chair. He previously served as chair before Gehlen.

That left the School Board to decide how to fill the open position until the end of its term. Kamrath suggested the Board could create an ad hoc committee to make recommendations, or the Board could convene a special meeting to make a decision.

“I think there is some justification in having the Board sit down and visit with the people interested in serving on the Board,” said Board Member Mike Carls.

The Board agreed to a special meeting at 6:30 p.m., Monday, Oct. 7, in the district office basement conference room.

“We can scan and send all board members everyone who has completed the interest form,” said superintendent Daron VanderHeiden.

The forms are available at the district office at 30 Glen St. N.W. They are also available online at To request a copy of the form be emailed, call the district office at 320-587-2860.

“If (interested people) have questions, you are invited to contact any of the board members,” Kamrath said.

Gehlen has moved to Delano, and as he no longer lives in the district, he can no longer serve on the School Board. To fill the position in the future, the November 2020 Hutchinson School Board portion of the ballot will now contain three positions regularly up for election at that time, and one special election.

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