Cecilia Nelson

Cecilia Nelson of Litchfield, the daughter of Keith and Becky Nelson.

One-year-old Cecilia Nelson, the daughter of Keith and Becky Nelson of Litchfield, was born with a deletion of chromosome 22q13 syndrome, which leads to delayed development, normal to accelerated growth, and absent or delayed speech.

“We’re dealing mainly with getting her motor skills, and some of those things, moving forward,” Becky said. “So most 1-year-olds, you know, are walking around. She is just now standing with a lot of help. … We’re hoping that she learns to talk some sometime soon and starts getting stronger and stronger.”

Cecilia’s condition can also cause other issues with lungs or brain malformations or heartbeat effects. But right now, the Nelsons are focusing on helping her gross motor development.

Becky said Cecilia is a very content girl, she has a great laugh and smile, as she’s starting to express more of those emotions.

“So it’s been hard watching her be behind the average person, but she is the sweetest little thing,” she said.

The Nelsons do therapy sessions a few times a week with Cecilia, which has helped with her development, Becky said.

With the help of the Tim Orth Memorial Foundation, the Nelsons recently purchased an EasyStand Zing, which helps with Cecilia’s muscle development by holding her in place so she can stand straight.

“It’s been a great opportunity to be part of their organization,” Becky said. “Unfortunately, we can’t have our event, but it was nice to meet the other families that are going through these things, too.”

—Although the 2020 Tim Orth Memorial Foundation basketball jamboree event was canceled due to COVID-19, you can still donate to help this year’s 12 recipients. For more information about the recipients and how to help, click here.

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