Wedding rings

Marriage Applications:

Marie Amanda Stewart of Silver Lake to Mitchell Gary Klima of Silver Lake

Mary Ann Vagovich Kennedy of Hutchinson to Richard Harold Ward of Hutchinson

Matthew Lloyd Bonderman of Glencoe to Alyssa Star Silvers of Glencoe

Lynn Ann Broeckert of Lester Prairie to Kevin Jon Selchow of Lester Prairie

Nicholas Aaron Plowman of Winsted to Ellie Jacqueline Wessling of Winsted

Megan Marie Carlson of Hutchinson to Levi Isaac Schultz of Hutchinson

Chloe Lordina Gulich of Hutchinson to Colton Wesley Carter of Hutchinson

Laura Elizabeth Leighton of Hutchinson to Sean Anthony Johnson of Hutchinson

Brooke Marie Selle of Hutchinson to Samuel James Markham of Hutchinson

Stephaie Ann Klockmann of Glencoe to Justin Lee Raduenz of Glencoe

Tiffany Nicole Cox of Hutchinson to Gage William Daak of Hutchinson

Jazmine Elizabeth Hawkins of Hutchinson to Noah Gene Johnson of Hutchinson

Rebecca Lynn Albers of Winsted to Sean Robert Carnicom of Winsted

Hannah Emily Litzau of Lester Prairie to James Loren Stark Jr. of Lester Prairie

Jared Wilmer Hafemann of Hutchinson to Amanda Kay Kennedy of Hutchinson

Jesse Scott Vogelgesang of Glencoe to Mackenzie Marie Clouse of Glencoe

Anthony Eugene Roush of Glencoe to Tiffany Louise Weber of Glencoe

Rebecka Paige Thorngate of Hutchinson to Travis Joseph Knudson of Hutchinson

Abby Melissa Polzin of Young America to Bradley Christopher Lucker of Young America

Brooke Katherine Kosek of NYA to Chad Micheal Thompson of NYA

Elsa Megia-Contreras of Hutchinson to Adan Alejandro Renteria-Beccerra of Hutchinson

Dustin William Cundy of Stewart to Penny Lyn Provost of Stewart

Ashley Rose Ausen of Plato to Joseph Carl Ehrke of Plato

Sarah Suzann Ernhart of Winsted to Wesley James Kapping of Winsted

Raiah Grace Dahl of Howard Lake to Jacob Allan Korf of Howard Lake

Tyler Johnathan Besser I to Jennifer Marie Pollard of Hutchinson

Marissa Ann Buske of Hutchinson to Logan Wyatt Erpelding of Brownton

Colt Steven Trebesch of Glencoe to Morgan Lea Rumrill of Glencoe

Sarah Elizabeth Nelson of Cokato to Daniel Thomas Morris of Cokato

Jerome Richard Fairchild of Canby to Julie Jeanette Hemmesch of Winsted

Amber Rae Koseter of Glencoe to Tyler Scott Powell of Hutchinson

Katrina Marie Koppi-Kohn of Glencoe to Brett Anthony Hertzog of Glencoe

Samuel Alvarado of Glencoe to Mayra Lizzette Sanchez of Glencoe

Elliot Jon Karg of Minot, North Dakota, to Laura Micheli Guzman Bermudez of Excelsior

Nicole Ashley Bergstrom of Bird Island to Luke Schweinfurter Alsleben of Bird Island

Karissa Marie Klugow of Hutchinson to Joshua Douglas Huebene of Hutchinson

Crystal Marie Siewert of Hamburg to Anthony John Meuleners of NYA

Katherine Marie Dennison of Wright to Samuel William Fink of Omaha

Marriage Dissolutions:

Adam Andrus of Lester Prairie from Tara Andrus of Lester Prairie

Levi James Gonzales of Hutchinson from Rebeka Gonzales of Glencoe

Kathleen Marie Lamson of Hutchinson from Gregory Joseph Lamson Jr. of Hutchinson

Toni Renee Johnson of Hutchinson from William Howard Johnson of Hutchinson

Lisa Dawn Walstad of Hutchinson from Scot Alan Walstad of Crosby

Vincent L. Fischer of Litchfield from Wendy J. Fischer of Hutchinson

Jesse Roger Mathews of Glencoe from Jennifer Jean Mathews of Glencoe

LuAnn Kay Beste of Brownton from Paul Leo Beste of Cokato

Amy Beth Erickson of Winsted from Ronald Leonard Erickson of Winsted

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