Wedding rings

Marriage Applications:

Jacob Dean Finney of Durham, California, to Kendall Jean Seamans of Durham, California

Jordan James Barthel of Glencoe to Catherine Kay Rettmann of Glencoe

Samantha Wocken of Watertown to Jake Hoskins Jr. of Milaca

Jonathon Peter Lamers of Hutchinson to Sarah Marie Rasmussen of Darwin

Matthew Evan Radtke of Mayer to Brittany Lynn Albrecht of Mayer

Tanner Michael Stevens of Hutchinson to Amber Marie Meyer of Hutchinson

Autumn Elizabeth Lindback of Green Isle to Bradley Curtis Rhode of Green Isle

Samantha Jo Outly of Silver Lake to Trevor Louis Erickson of Silver Lake

Rebecca Anne Gesme of Young America to Benjamin Anthony Olson of Young America

Nicholas Leonard Glaser of Hutchinson to Amanda Fay Berry of Hutchinson

Gregory Thomas Drewiske of Glencoe to Kelly Marie Wenlund of Glencoe

Joshua Adam Miller of Glencoe to Heidi Joy Salisbury of Glencoe

Breanna Lee Baumann of Hutchinson to Whitney Wayne Exsted of Hutchinson

Cleone Kay Ritter of Lester Prairie to Michael Robert Vasek of Lester Prairie

Michaela Lynn Tichy of Waconia to Kyler James Kohnen of Glencoe

Morgan Kayann Schmidt of Hutchinson to Benjamin Michael Schmidt of Hutchinson

Katie Joy Petersen of Lester Prairie to Daved Oscar Anderson of Lester Prairie

Jose Daniel Campos Jr. of Hutchinson to Daranee Sangsuwan of Hutchinson

John Thomas Willenbring of Hutchinson to Lauren Olivia Lenarz of Hutchinson

Dean Jay Stark of Lester Prairie to Kendra Stacia Rodel of Lester Prairie

Samantha Ann Knutson of Glencoe to Gage Michael Birch of Glencoe

Tyler Steven Puckett of Hutchinson to Rokaya Garcia Cabanes of Hutchinson

Casey Lynn Pool of Glencoe to Brandon Lee Montayne of Glencoe

Andra Jean Van Dyne of Glencoe to Karl Peter Sneider of Glencoe

Naomi Rebecca Gawboy of Hutchinson to Cristian Colosio Paiz Perez of Hutchinson

Jered Paul Stowell of Hutchinson to Emily Jo Hranicka of Hutchinson

Eric David Wolf of Silver Lake to Amy Lynn Dettman of Silver Lake

Luke Douglas Tousley of Henderson to Jennifer Rose Felmlee of Henderson

Kenny James Fillbrandt of Glencoe to Kristina Lynn Kunkel of Glencoe

Daniel Ryan Witte of Glencoe to Rhonda Lee Olson of Plymouth

Katelyn Beth Reiner of Hutchinson to Michael Justin Fritsch of Hutchinson

Christina Rose Erickson of Hutchinson to Jonathan Erik Burmeister of Hutchinson

Aaron Dennis Burkstrand Sr. of Hutchinson to Alexandria Rose Smith of Hutchinson

Charisse Martha Hansen of Hutchinson to Joshua Ryan Kieke of Hutchinson

Bradley Scott Murray of Hutchinson Emily Ann Schumacher of Hutchinson

Anthony Louis Dressen of Hutchinson to Rebecca Colleen Kenny of Hutchinson

Chloe Jean Powell of Glencoe to Joshua Thomas Kraby of Glencoe

Troy Jeffrey Schauer of Stewart to Ashley Christine Cramb of Stewart

Elizabeth Jo Tromborg of Glencoe to Martin Thomas Griebel of Glencoe

Tyler Janessa Novotny of Glencoe to James David Phillips of Glencoe

Katie Lynn Weber of Glencoe to Mitchell James Jewett of Glencoe

Zachary John Markgraff of Hutchinson to Rachel Alyssa Nowicke of Gibbon

Deane Edward Dietel of Hutchinson to Darlene Lila Westphal of Hutchinson

Danielle Lynn Crotteau of Hutchinson to Jacob Daniel Ansel Smith of Hutchinson

Jessica Berenice Martinez of Brownton to Christopher Carl Schmandt of Brownton

Emma Carole Annabelle Conner of Winsted to Tristan Dean Arioso of Winsted

Marriage Dissolutions:

Anita Rene Martin of Hutchinson from Adam David Martin of Hutchinson

William Blaine Peterson of Lester Prairie from Cassie Jean Peterson of Lester Prairie

Ashley May Dols of Glencoe from Matthew Paul Dols of Norwood

Jose Ulises Ramirez of Carver from Jessyca Yadira Ramirez of Glencoe

Justin Lee Wendlandt of Hutchinson from Sheila Marie Wendlandt of Hutchinson

Lee Allen Wright of Hutchinson from Patricia Lynn Wright of Hutchinson

Deanna Jean Mechelke of Glencoe from Dennis Ray Mechelke of Glencoe

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