I am not sure why the song “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” by U2 hasn’t made it in more church hymnals. The lyrics of the refrain keep circling back to the title, which is such a great confession. Aren’t we all searching for meaning or purpose in life? If we are honest, don’t we get sidetracked or distracted from life-giving pursuits? What we search for may change from year to year or even week to week. But sometimes a significant event such as a birth or a crisis might wake us up to the reality that life is bigger than simply going through the motions of each day.

Our 24-year-old son just moved out of the house this week and our younger son is a senior in high school. Soon we will be empty nesters. I am looking for some comfort as I grieve this loss/transition. What is it that you are yearning or looking for? Peace? Forgiveness? Belonging? Acceptance? Purpose? Jesus asked a similar question of two people that began following him: “What are you looking for?” (John 1:38) Was there an awkward silence? Did they need a moment to figure that out? Were they tongue-tied because they simply ask, “… uh, where are you staying?” OK the “uh” wasn’t in there. Maybe they weren’t actually changing the subject with a random question because in the end they get an invite to “come and see” where he is staying. Maybe what they wanted was to be with him; by asking where he was staying, they receive an invite to not only check out his accommodations, but be with him.

The Rev. Hans Peterson is pastor of River of Hope Church in Hutchinson.