Praying hands and Bible

In the Great Commission of our Lord, Jesus finishes with the words “Lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world.” Those are words of comfort and assurance to each of us who believes in Christ. No matter what trials or struggles we go through, we can know that He is with us. The beauty of this passage is that He tells us He is with us always, Not sometimes, not maybe, but always.

In the Joshua 1: 9 the Lord tells us to be Strong, Courageous, not to be afraid, and not to be dismayed. Why? He tells us He will be with them (and us) wherever we go. Those are again words of strength and encouragement, to us who live in a world gone astray. He is with us in whatever situation we are in. Truly.

The Rev. Mark McCalib is pastor at Harvest Mission Fellowship in Hutchinson.