All it took was a short mention in a newspaper article about a new restaurant coming to downtown Hutchinson for social media to explode with questions.

Here’s the scoop folks: Vince, 42, and Amanda Maertz, 31, of Silver Lake are opening Flank Steakhouse in the former site of Zellas restaurant at 14 Main St. S. in downtown Hutchinson. Their target opening date is June, with the plan of serving lunch and dinner Tuesday through Saturday.

The menu will feature steaks ranging from a $15 sirloin to a $200 tomahawk ribeye. There will also be sandwiches, grain bowls, salads and flatbreads, plus dessert. The plan is to follow a seasonal menu with an emphasis on local food. And for those who like a bump during the afternoon or after work — a Happy Hour to transition between lunch and dinner. There is also talk of special events. The couple plans to begin hiring staff later in April, so watch for information.

Inside, the couple does not plan any large renovations but will salute local history with photographs from the collection of the McLeod County Historical Society.

“They’ve been really helpful,” Amanda said. “We want to show the history of the building. It’s really an opportunity to keep a little bit of Zellas, too.”

Zellas was originally opened in 2008 by Tiffany Haag and Blake Barnard. They sold it to Brian and Sara Pollmann in 2016. The couple closed it in July due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Vince sees the new downtown dining spot as a place where he can showcase what he has learned through the years.

“It’s an opportunity to elevate something as simple as a flank steak and make it beautiful,” he said. “I want people to taste the steak, so there will be two options: pan roasted or charbroiled.”

This idea of enhancing food is also the basis for the restaurant’s rebranding and logo: Flank Steakhouse — Simple. Elevated.

“What we want to present to Hutch is that we will be a steakhouse for everybody,” he said.

“And we’ll have good coffee,” Amanda added.


While Vince and Amanda may be new at owning their own restaurant, they bring plenty of experience to the table. Vince is self-taught with 25 years working in kitchens, and Amanda has worked for 11 years at the Lafayette Club on the shores of Lake Minnetonka — six of which were spent in front-of-house management.

“My wife and I met while working, and we have managed together, are raising a family together, and want to give these same opportunities to the people we employ,” Vince said.

While he grew up in St. Paul and she in the Monticello area, it was finding the perfect home that brought them to the rural community of Silver Lake.

Owning their own restaurant was always in their hearts, but it was the donation of a dinner by Vince to the Hutchinson Health Foundation that got the ball rolling. After the private dinner, community members encouraged the couple to consider opening a restaurant in the former Zellas space on Main Street.

For the past three months, the husband-and-wife team have been working on their restaurant project. His first thought was a steakhouse and they haven’t wavered from it. As first-time business owners, they have navigated the process with the help of the Small Business Development Center and Southwest Initiative Foundation.

While being first-time business owners is daunting, Vince had another challenge: Drugs and alcohol led him to spending 15 months inside the Minnesota corrections system. He learned from his mistakes and has been sober since June 26, 2014. He shared his story in the book “Breaking Free,” which presents a dual perspective from himself and his mother, Anne. The book chronicles Maertz’s life in prison, his addiction and his redemption. In addition to the book, he shares his story through public speaking.

“I am active in my recovery and in the program of AA,” he said. “I want to continue to make positive changes in my life.”

With the closing date to be finalized, staff to be hired, signs to be made, pictures to be hung and the menu finalized, there’s plenty for Vince and Amanda to do before they open the doors of Flank Steakhouse.

“This is our dream, and we are excited to be part of the Hutchinson business community,” he said. “Come talk to us and meet us. We’ll be here a lot.”