It's time to vote for your favorite sculpture featured in the 2021-22 Hutchinson Sculpture Stroll. This is the seventh year a People's Choice Award has been offered. The winning artist will receive $500. The deadline to vote for your favorite sculpture is Sept. 30.

The following sculptures are eligible:

  • "Fluid Connections" by Ryan and James Pedersen, Luce Line/West River Park, 1003 Les Kouba Parkway N.W.
  • "Reflective Moments" by Ruth Gee, Luce Line/Riverside Park, 300 Les Kouba Parkway N.W.
  • "Shark!" by Dale Lewis, Luce Line/Riverside Park N.W.
  • "Hey, Mary Lou!" by Lee Leuning and Sherri Treeby, Great Northern Depot, 25 Adams St. S.E.
  • "Mod Pod" by Gail Katz-James, Main Street and First Avenue North
  • "Loom" by Jamie Weinfurter, between Hutchinson City Center and the historic St. John's Episcopal Church 
  • "Dystopia" by Tim James and Aidan DeMarais, Library Square
  • "Fountain of Life" by Darwin Wolf, Main Street and First Avenue South
  • "Time to Fly" by Kyle Fokken, Main Street and First Avenue South
  • "Gaia" by Karman Rheault, Citizens Bank Park, along Second Avenue, between Main and Franklin streets
  • "We the People" by Kimber Fiebiger, Main Street and Third Avenue South
  • "Triangle Play" by Sunghee Min, Ridgewater College, 2 Century Ave. S.E.
  • "Metamorphosis" by Hilde DeBruyne, Luce Line Trail/Pedestrian Bridge

There are two ways to vote for your favorite sculpture:

In case you're wondering what sculptures have won in the past. Here's a list of winners:

  • 2020-21: "Old Tex" by Dale Lewis
  • 2019-20: "Eggspert" by Kimber Fiebiger
  • 2018-19: "Slices of Heaven" by Craig Berube-Gray
  • 2017-18: "Dreams Take Flight" by Nick Legeros
  • 2016-17: "Goddess of the Grapes" by Deb Zeller
  • 2015-16: "Letting Go" by Judd Nelson

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