Cheers and a standing ovation to God for His brilliant writing, casting and directing of the outstanding theatrical performance I get to experience daily as I walk out my front door, sit on my deck or drive in the community and see all the perennials awake again after resting over the winter. The vividly loud dandelions and muti-colored tulips are the first to open the show, but are now taking their last breath, and bowing down to let other flowers take over the performance to showcase their true colors and talents the rest of the summer ‘til Mr. Frost comes and closes out the brilliant show of colors.

But ... you can’t forget to applaud the bird orchestra with their variety of unique sounds of their instruments. My favorite outdoor instrument is the chirping of new baby birds wanting food and the Mourning Doves vocals which are both as distinctive sounding as the harp.

I’m just humbled and honored that the same birds come back year after year choosing to vacation in my yard with their families, while they’re in Minnesota.

Fabulous, just fabulous!

— Lisa Buckentin, Hutchinson

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