Cheers to Joe for making the small, engraved plaques needed for a special Christmas ornament.

Becky Felling, Hutchinson

Cheers and thank you to the middle-aged gentleman stranger with a gray kitten in a basket who came out of a store the other day and said “Hi.” As he walked by, he gently put his kitten-filled basket on the passenger seat through an open window with friendly uplifting words, and soul-soothing compliments. I was having one of those everything-is-going-wrong kind of days, but our five-minute conversation cleared my head and changed my attitude for the rest of the day. God sends angels on a timely manner in perfect form.

— Lisa Buckentin, Hutchinson

Cheers to the Southwest Initiative Foundation and various local organizations and individuals for sponsoring the “Belonging Begins with Us” event at Masonic/West River Park as part of Welcoming Week to celebrate diversity and its value to our community. Cheers also to Mayor Forcier for his “Welcoming Week” proclamation, which stated, among other things, that Hutchinson is committed to being a community where all people are welcomed, accepted and feel like they belong; which acknowledged that Hutchinson is stronger when we work together towards the core American values that afford everyone the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness; and which recognized that by fostering a welcoming environment and treating all individuals with compassion and respect, regardless of their background, Hutchinson’s cultural fabric, economic growth, and overall prosperity is enhanced for current and future generations.

— Steve Cook and John Lofdahl, Hutchinson

Cheers to the city of Hutchinson and Department of Natural Resources for removing the unsightly logs (some with graffiti) from the Crow River dam. This has been an eyesore for a long time. A huge thank you.

— Barb Henke, Hutchinson