Summer lunch program2

Some years, the Hutchinson summer lunch program has been served outdoors. In 2019 it was indoors at Park Elementary and the Hutchinson Middle School.

School’s out, and now the summer fun can begin. With loads of time available kids are enjoying the great outdoors in all kinds of ways. Playing at their nearest playground, biking with friends, taking part in a baseball game and swimming at the local public waterpark. We’ve all seen these activities in our communities and are amused by their obvious enjoyment. Academics during the school year and summer are important, but just as important is physical activity for our kids to grow strong. Both can be jeopardized without fuel for energy.

We all know food is what fuels us. Not any food, but ones that contain the most nutrition can make a huge difference in how we perform in our learning and recreational activities. Summer can be a care-free time full of delicious healthy food from family picnics, barbecues, and everyday meals.

Lesli Mueller is director of food service at Hutchinson Public Schools. You, Your Kids & School is a twice-a-month column from School District 423.