Hutchinson City Council chamber

I would like to thank Council Member Dave Sebesta for presenting Resolution 15356 at the Hutchinson City Council meeting on Sept. 28. We truly owe our gratitude to our troops for protecting our country from further terrorist attacks since 9/11. Many families in the Hutchinson area have sacrificed much these past 20 years.

This resolution correctly acknowledges the reality the world did not become a safe place immune to terrorism by the departure of the U.S. military forces from Afghanistan on Aug. 31, 2021.

For some reason, the other council members didn’t think it was acceptable for the council to support verification for the 125,000 Afghan refugees who were airlifted into the United States after the fall of Afghanistan. What exactly is the problem with supporting another branch of government to take basic steps to keep us safe after our troops left Afghanistan?

According to the Washington Post, on July 31, 2021, Taliban fighters were organizing to free 5,000 Taliban prisoners who were held in the Afghan prisons to rejoin their ranks. Ultimately, these prisoners were all freed as Afghanistan fell to the Taliban.

What is unreasonable with stating support for our immigration agencies to ensure that the terrorists our troops have been defending us from these many years do not enter our country now? Isn’t promoting safety a valid concern anymore?

The council should have unanimously adopted this resolution.