Polling place

The general public has many concerns about the integrity of our elections. As I compose this letter, the Leader has an online poll with nearly 80% voting in favor of a 50-state forensic audit of the 2020 election. This is not just a Republican complaint as many Democrats protested similarly about the 2016 and 2018 election results.

The information that Rep. Glenn Gruenhagen has shared includes then Sen. Kamala Harris testifying at a congressional election security meeting how she saw with her own eyes how easily election machines could be hacked. Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar stated her concern about the threats of election hacking. Democrat Sen. Ron Wyden comes to the same point as Rep. Gruenhagen by stating that a forensic analysis is needed to be confident about the reported election results.

The practice of auditing complex processes and systems is common in today’s businesses. Our food manufacturing and meat processing plants are regularly audited and inspected. Our many medical device companies in Minnesota are frequently audited by customers, ISO registrars, and the FDA. These major businesses are not allowed to say that since no court has found them guilty of producing unsafe food or medical products, that they are good. Instead, they must prove that they are compliant with the rules and regulations. This proof of compliance is sorely needed for our critical election processes to discern the will of the voter accurately and with the data to prove it. The rule for auditors is that if something isn’t documented, it didn’t happen. A verifiable document trail is required.

Sadly, we are missing that crucial proof of compliance. We need audited records that show the rules and processes are being followed. Instead, we are left in a nether world where we are missing objective data to prove either compliance or non-compliance, or worse, manipulations of the process.

We need third-party audits performed by others rather than those who run the election. The conflict of interest of having the same people audit the work as who performed the work is not allowed by professional groups who certify auditors, such as the American Society of Quality. The Minnesota Secretary of State, a Democrat, is not convincing as he defends the election results of the all-Democrat team of every statewide elected office in Minnesota.

We need political representatives like Gruenhagen who pledge to provide auditable elections to show that our elections are in compliance with Minnesota laws and are transparent with the objective evidence to prove it.