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Because I live in a township that uses mail-in balloting, I have already cast my vote in the 2020 election. For those who have yet to fill out their ballots or may be voting in person on Nov. 3, let me give you a heads-up.

Nancy Pelosi and Ilhan Omar are not actually on the ballot in Minnesota’s 7th District. Anyone who watches television and has a mailbox might be confused to learn that they will not, in fact, be voting for either of these two unpopular Democratic representatives.

The push to link our congressman, Collin Peterson, to these candidates is a shallow, political boilerplate that the Republicans have tried over and over again.

Ignore the hype.

Rep. Peterson is an effective representative of the entire, diverse 7th District — all 38 counties. He has worked with colleagues from both parties to find common ground and build consensus, which is the hallmark of good legislation.

Honestly, I’m more concerned what it would mean for the 7th District if we elect someone who simply votes the party line, regardless of what is best for their constituents.

Collin Peterson casts his votes in Congress based only on what is good for the people in his district, not on party influence or chances for reelection.

We now have the opportunity to do the same, by voting for what is good for the people of the 7th District — Collin Peterson.