2020 election

2020 election2020 election2020 election

We are writing to support the re-election of District Court Judge Joseph Carter in Minnesota’s 1st Judicial District.

For almost 20 years, Judge Carter has served as a fair and hardworking judge.

During those 20 years, Judge Carter has been re-elected three times. He has presided over criminal cases ranging from minor traffic matters to major felonies, and civil cases from divorces to personal injuries and contract disputes.

Before becoming a judge, Judge Carter worked as a trial lawyer for 18 years. He served as a prosecutor in Scott County, then as a public defender in Ramsey County, and later as the chief public defender for the 1st Judicial District.

Judge Carter is involved in the community. As judge, he works with high schools in the area as the peer court judge, a diversion program in which students recommend sentences for other students who have committed minor criminal or traffic offenses.

During his entire career, Judge Carter has been committed to ethics, civility and professionalism. He believes that judges have the high duty to be fair and impartial by deciding cases only on their merits. As a result, many retired Supreme Court justices, judges, lawyers and citizens, including Paul Anderson, Alan Page and Mary Pawlenty, support his reelection.

Please flip to the backside of the ballot and vote to re-elect Judge Joseph Carter.

This letter was co-signed by Bridget Nason, South St. Paul attorney, and retired Judge Michael Savre

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