Reader letter

Trump is the most pro-life president in America’s history — the first one to speak at the March for Life. He slashed Planned Parenthood’s funding and rescinded the Mexico City policy, which means no more international funding of abortion. He is standing strong for religious freedom and surrounds himself with people of faith.

Trump signed one of the greatest peace deals between Israel and the United Arab Emirates. Additionally, the Iran deal has been rescinded. For the first time in 20 years there is a peaceful atmosphere between Israel and the Arab world.

The judges President Trump has already appointed, which include 200 circuit court judges, have been chosen with the understanding they will make judgments based on the fair and correct interpretation of the law. At this time he has already appointed two Supreme Court justices.

President Trump has done more to end the travesty of child sex trafficking than any other president. One hundred million dollars just got reallocated to ending child sex trafficking on our southern borders.

In order to preserve our republic, as a professing Christian, please cast your vote on Nov. 3 for President Trump. The other conservative candidates running for local, state and national offices as well as the School Board also need your vote. The conservative Hutchinson School Board candidates are Keith Kamrath, Tamra Rolf, Michael Massmann and Alan Stage. School boards have significant input into the curriculum taught in classrooms.