Snow plow

A Hutchinson snow plow spread sand and salt on Shady Ridge Road earlier this week.

In the early part of 2017, I wrote a letter to the editor regarding snow removal practices, and it seemed that my letter was upsetting to some individuals.

I would first like to commend the efforts on the part of many of our road maintenance people who took on the relentless weather conditions that we all endured this past season. I would also like to point out that there are some areas where maintenance practices could use a more commonsense approach.

Let’s face it, we need only to look around and it is pretty obvious that some plow drivers care little or not at all about the damage that is done to our roads and infrastructure. That is to say nothing of the individual property damage and often rude practices that property owners are expected to put up with.

I think that before taxpayers should be expected to pick up the tab, there should be some commonsense guidelines implemented to somehow cap this excessive flow of taxpayer dollars into the hands of undeserving individuals who seem to have been led to believe that it is OK to damage public and private property, because they will just get more dollars to fix it.

Hey, how about fixing public policy and putting an end to this hemorrhage of tax dollars by letting some individuals know that they are not entitled to damage and then fix at taxpayers’ expense.

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