4-H clover

The Minnesota State Fair has wrapped up another year. Looking at results, we can see that participants from McLeod County are an active part of the statewide competition. We recognize many local farms that bring their livestock to compete in the Great Minnesota Get-Together and watch a trail of ribbons follow them home to show their accomplishments. However, admiring the success of our county 4-H program in state competition is a great story of our local champions.

It is not an easy task for a 4-H member to be able to compete at the State Fair. Only the “best-of-the-best” projects qualify to move from county to state competition. The joy of having a State Fair trip is a very memorable time for these 4-H'ers, not only to compete at a higher level, but to meet new people, get new ideas and attend many workshops and training opportunities while there.

McLeod County repeatedly sends great kids and projects to the State Fair. That proves our county program is high quality and full of great kids and volunteers. Ribbons by the dozens are awarded to our McLeod County youth as they show their projects and compete against other state participants.

Here are the results from the McLeod County Youth in our 4-H program:

  • 25 purple ribbons (highest honor in project)
  • 50 blue ribbons
  • 14 red Ribbons
  • three participation ribbons
  • two livestock overall grand champions
  • six livestock overall reserve champions
  • six livestock knowledge interview finalists
  • two livestock knowledge interview state winners
  • third place herdsmanship in beef and dairy (the ability to keep area clean for public)
  • one purple ribbon auction participant
  • third place dairy cattle evaluation team, which is advancing to national competition in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
  • two McLeod County 4-H'ers were chosen to represent Minnesota at the National Dairy Conference

In all, 59 kids exhibited livestock projects and 38 exhibited general/static projects. Projects covered all livestock areas: sheep, beef, swine, goat, dairy and rabbit. General/static projects covered: crafts, home environment, small engine, self-determined, vet science, citizenship, wildlife, shooting sports, gardening, photography, public demonstration, pets and crop science just to name a few.

This kind of success is an indicator of our county’s great kids, families and supporters involved in the program. A big thank you to all our volunteers, alumni and community members who make this program a success.

The McLeod County 4-H program has an area of interest for everyone. Check it out to unlock potential and experiences that will last a lifetime.

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