Writing a letter

Our incompetent leader is still raising havoc with the country because he refuses to believe the cold, hard facts that he lost the election. He continues to promote lies, conspiracy theories, and says the election was rigged.

It wasn't rigged. Secretaries of state have verified and counted and recounted the results. It was a free and fair election and Trump lost. The elected officials in Georgia have spoken loud and clear that the election was free of corruption or false information. The secretary of state in Georgia did not give in to threats and mafia-style coercion in his stand for facts and truth.

The continued barrage of misinformation, blatant lies and conspiracy theories is a real threat to our democracy — where the people choose their leaders. The world is watching as these politicians show the worst side of our elected leaders. We can never again tell other countries who looked to the U.S. for guidance on how a free society works.

It is a dangerous thing that the Republican Party is doing. As I have said many times in my numerous expressions of my opinion, the Republican Party that once ruled the governing activities in Hutchinson is no more. That party was business oriented, community oriented and driven by reasonable people. This Republican Party is a danger to our system of government and our adherence to the principles of our constitution.

The repeated attempts to change the outcome in the court system have been denied because of lack of facts. The good people of Hutchinson deserve better than that.