It’s a good thing that Pete Royer has decided to leave it up to others to “check the facts” in Glenn Gruenhagen’s letter. It seems Royer has a hard time distinguishing the facts since even the one that he attempted to write about, he got completely wrong.

Royer stated in his Feb. 10 letter that “When Mr. Gruenhagen talked about new immigrants he said, ‘They will bring in large amounts of crime, sex-trafficking and public health issues.’”

Here is Glenn’s actual statement: “The Biden administration also plans to open our borders to illegal immigration for cheap labor, giving free health care, welfare and so on. This will again bring in large amounts of crime, sex trafficking and public health issues.” Sounds a lot different than what Royer quoted, doesn’t it?

Royer conveniently substituted the words “illegal immigration” with “new immigrants,” which was a deliberate attempt to mislead the public and portray Glenn as a person who hates immigrants. Royer’s statement is a complete fabrication and lie of anything Glenn has ever stated and anyone who is paying attention knows that there is a vast difference between illegal immigration versus those who come to the U.S. through legal immigration.

For those who actually care to “check the facts,” Glenn’s position statement on immigration can be found on his website It says: “Legal immigrants have made numerous, beneficial contributions to our society. Historically, the U.S. has always been a “melting pot,” assimilating legal immigrants into our culture. Today, however, illegal immigration threatens both our homeland security and our economic future. It is bad for our country and it is bad for the illegal immigrants themselves. In some cases, illegals are treated as little better than slave labor. Many times, illegal immigrants are forced to pay coyotes up to $10,000 in order to cross the border. Sometimes these individuals are dropped off in arid areas where they die of dehydration. They often become victims of drug cartels, who exploit them sexually, financially, and physically, including murder.

“If we care about our fellow human beings, we must support legal immigration by encouraging them to come to America through the legal process. Minnesota’s governor and the Democrat Party support turning Minnesota into a ‘sanctuary state,’ which will bring in illegal drugs, crime and sexual exploitation, along with exponentially growing the state budget and local property taxes.

“Many illegals are trapped in permanent government dependency, with no chance of entering the middle class. The solution is to secure our borders and enforce our current immigration laws. Glenn supports measures to ensure that immigration is both legal and orderly.”

I think readers will agree after reading the above stance on immigration, Glenn’s position is one of compassion, not “dehumanizing.” In fact, it’s the Democrats’ support of illegal immigration that is dehumanizing.

In contrast, there have been a lot of dehumanizing comments coming from the radical Democrat left who have called Trump supporters racists, domestic terrorists, deplorables, bigots, white supremacists and so on, which are all deliberate, dehumanizing lies. And let’s not forget the dehumanizing actions from some on the left, such as comedian Kathy Griffith holding a bloody head meant to look like a decapitated Trump.

Maybe Royer should examine the statements and actions of his own party before criticizing others.