Editorial from Elsewhere

Thanks for your very informative editorial "Claim your cash property."

In going through old files from my dad, Leonard Shoultz, I found two life insurance policies dated 1928 and 1929. He had purchased them when becoming an employee of Meeker County, county surveyor, a job he held until 1965.

Through a search for the Life Insurance Co. of NY, I was able to track the policies. Since the company had changed names several times, it was a difficult task. I ended up going through the process that you laid out in your article. The state was very prompt in assisting me, providing the forms and information needed.

Some things you do need:

  • the claimant's name and Social Security number
  • the claimant's proof of relationship (power of attorney form)
  • a death certificate from the county
  • a notarized signature from the county

With the help of my local insurance agents, attorneys and county employees, I was able to complete the process and mail the information to the state. They're about three months behind in sending out the "extra stimulus." Even though it's not a huge amount, it's still enough to pay my property taxes.

Thanks, Dad, you were always thinking of your family.