White House

In his Dec. 28 letter, Rep. Glenn Gruenhagen said he joined 126 Republican U.S. House representatives in supporting Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s lawsuit to throw out the results of the last presidential election. They are playing a dangerous game.

What they are doing would destroy our present democracy and form of government that has governed us for more than 200 years. Why would they do this? There are three reasons.

First, by supporting President Trump’s claim that there was massive voter fraud, Republican lawmakers would expect to get the support of Trump’s base in their next election.

Second, some of these Republicans who are already in positions in government are afraid that if they don’t openly support Trump, he would try to replace them in Republican primaries, which he has already threatened to do with Sen. Ben Sasse of Nebraska and Sen. Mitt Romney of Utah.

Finally, there is a third group that is most concerning. These are the people who really believe the last presidential election was a fraud. That massive groups of ballots were illegal, changed or thrown out. That some states’ election laws were illegally changed. That there were “ghost voters.” If these assertions were true they should be investigated, which they were.

In over 60 Republican lawsuits brought before courts claiming these assertions, every one of them has been thrown out for lack of evidence. Many of the judges who threw them out were appointed by Trump.

Bill Barr, Trump’s own U.S. attorney general, found no evidence of massive voting fraud. The U.S. Supreme Court that includes six conservative justices chose not to take up Trump’s accusations. What is left if there is no evidence?

These Republicans want us to just take their word. They know that their claim is not true. But, if you say something you know is not true and say it enough times, people will begin to believe it. This explains why more than 70% of Trump supporters are contesting this election.

If this group of Republicans is successful in throwing out the results of this presidential election, it would end our form of government. We would now be a country that is ruled by a group of powerful, unelected people who would decide what they think is right, not what the American people want or need. Examples of this would be Russia, North Korea and China.

This issue has more to do with our country’s soul than its politics. It has more to do with the survival of our form of government. This is not a time to employ a political stunt just because they can. As citizens, both Republicans and Democrats, our only recourse to retain our form of government is vote out any candidate who would support this kind of coup. That is if we have another election.