Aunt Jemima is out. The news says it reminds someone of Jim Crow laws. They say that it is stereotyping and racist. So sad, so not what really is going on here.

Seems to me like other pancake mix and syrup makers are going to cash in on everyone throwing out the existing food brands and up their numbers. Seems like the company will bow to a perceived changed market and ‘redo’ its message. It comes across like some group over sensationalizing and twisting that which is good. And, so will fall any product that one person wishes to dramatically challenge because they feel it is racist or sexist or stereotyped.

I just don’t see the racist claim. If that is the case, then the Danes should be feeling victimized for their aebleskiver and the associated brand names. What I see and support and enjoy is comfort food, good cooking, and the best of warm hospitality.

I don’t see the stereotype as being negative. To me, Aunt Jemima represents all that is good about pancakes and syrup — a standard of delicious. It does not represent a black slave woman in the kitchen serving the masters of the house. It represents all moms and cooks who keep us fed and do so while providing good food, a warm kitchen, and a family time together.

So many questions are begged here: How long have Jim Crow laws been gone? Who wants to destroy history and the cultures that existed at those times? Who wants to give us more reason to forget the mistakes we have made by wiping the slate clean, which then emboldens us to make history that can also be wiped out after another generation? Are these the same vein of people who demand that the Paw Patrol police dog be impounded and euthanized? Will all the German sausages be made generic so we are not reminded of Hitler? Where is the voice of reason today?

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