Illustrated is an image showing the ultrastructural morphology of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), which was identified as the cause of an outbreak of respiratory illness now considered a worldwide pandemic.

Yes, I am a senior citizen, and I am appalled at what I saw at 1 p.m. Saturday May 16, at a local big box store.

I would not have been there but needed to pick up a prescription. What I experienced was shocking, scary and incredible. People bunching up at the ends of aisles, people without masks, people going the wrong way up and down the aisles. Just because some things are opened up, does not mean the disease is any less.

The store itself is doing a great job! Lines are marked and controlled going in and out, 6-foot blue spacers are on the floor, aisles are marked by do not enter signs on the floor, directional arrows point the way to go up one aisle and down the other. Staff had on masks.

And now for the appalling part: Ninety percent or more of the customers did not have on masks. Most, it seemed, could not read, going up and down, in and out of aisles that were clearly directionally marked. Standing in clusters at ends of aisles, meeting people in aisles that should have been behind you. A very scary place.

Just because restrictions are being lifted does not mean that COVID-19 is gone. Please people, wear masks and follow the protocols the stores have set up. If we do not follow them and that causes the cases to go up, we will be shut right back down for the summer with more sick people in our midst and in our hospitals.

The reason the state has loosened up some is because protocols have been set up and we have been assured that the people will use their own good sense to keep safe. Well, I saw absolutely no sign of good sense this day.

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