Writing a letter

Last week the Hutchinson Leader published an editorial about how we were fortunate to have good role models with local candidates for local offices. Unfortunately, this editorial was published a few days too early.

On Nov. 1, Sara Pollmann, a school board candidate-elect, posted a divisive Facebook posting that accused supporters of President Donald Trump and Mayor Gary Forcier of being aligned with voters who:

  • believe in white supremacy
  • believe hate is welcome in Hutchinson
  • believe Black people do not deserve justice when murdered by police
  • believe that Martin Luther King and civil rights were a mistake

Pollmann also stated she was embarrassed to live in a community that has so very many of "these type of people." She explained that what set her off was that someone took her Joe Biden and Morgan Baum signs. Why didn't Sara consider the recent high winds that blew away political signs all over town as the likely cause?

The residents of ISD-423 must insist on board members who exercise good judgement, treat others with respect, are good role models for our K-12 students, and are proud of their community — not embarrassed by them. If Pollmann genuinely wants to do the right thing for our ISD-423 students, she is respectfully asked to publicly apologize and to resign from the school board immediately. There are other candidates from the Nov. 3 election who should be considered for the board instead.

The Hutchinson Leader just reported declining enrollment at the Hutchinson schools. Declining enrollment is likely to accelerate because parents do not want to send their children to a school with a board member professing these beliefs.

This issue will remain open until action is taken. Sara is asked to take the high road and step aside now.