President Donald Trump

According to Bob Franken’s commentary (Dec. 20 Hutchinson Leader), President Trump is leaving a mess, a bad act, and a wrecked country. He lazily does not define what these terrible things are. Let us look at what Trump is really leaving us with.

  • He is the first president in modern history to not get us into another endless war. He has been steadily bringing home troops.
  • He has negotiated with NATO members to "pony up" the agreed upon share of 2% GDP. No longer do we pay a disproportionate high percentage of the NATO budget. With Trump's America First policy, he understands that countries do not have friends, they have interests. As a result, countries respect us again.
  • He has stopped Russian aggression in Ukraine by supplying them weapons, not Obama blankets.
  • Trump has secured our southern border by building nearly 500 miles of improved fencing and negotiated with Mexico to mobilize 27,000 troops to the border.
  • He has brokered four Arab country peace agreements with Israel and moved our embassy to Jerusalem.
  • He signed a prison reform act that ended minority discrimination by the court system.
  • Until the China virus hit us this year, we had the best economy by several measures. We had the lowest unemployment numbers, highest labor participation rate, highest minority home ownership and highest wages. We are now rebuilding those numbers along with all-time stock market highs. He did this by lowering taxes and regulations.
  • He stopped travel from China before there was even one virus death in the U.S. Biden thought it was foolish of him to do so.
  • He started a virus task force early on and fast-tracked a vaccine.
  • Trump accomplished this and more by being the most transparent president ever and by being harassed by the Democrats from day one with the phony Russian hoax. There was no collusion.

I hope Biden is successful. Without a doubt he is the luckiest politician alive with 47 years in government with no real accomplishments other than to enrich his family. He campaigned from his basement and answered only pre-approved questions from a main stream media that essentially campaigned for him. He could barely complete a coherent sentence and won the biggest political prize in the world.

Continued good luck, Joe.