Polling place

I just had to respond to that "Voter suppression must be stopped" opinion from Arthur Blaustein in the March 24 issue of the Leader.

The basic requirements that every voter must meet before they exercise their right to vote in any local, state or federal election are to be a U.S. citizen, at least 18 years of age, and a resident of the voting district in which they are registered.

It is therefore completely logical that when you show up to vote at a designated voting place that you must be prepared to verify that you are the person whose name appears on the registered voter list and provide a photo ID that proves you are a U.S. citizen. It is also logical that you must prove:

  • you are the person matching the ID and are of legal age;
  • you are a current resident of the voting district in which you are voting; and
  • you are properly registered to vote in that district.

In addition, once you have voted in your registered district, you are not eligible to vote again in any other location. To this end, the officials are required to check off your name as having voted.

If for some valid reason you are unable to go to a voting place in person, you may request a “vote-by-mail” ballot that should be subject to the same verification as in-person voter requirements, and therefore should be certified by a third party who will check the ID, age and registration of the individual using the mail-in ballot. It is then up to the vote counters to make sure that no one else has used that registered name to vote elsewhere.

In 2020, I was required to vote by mail and the requirement for a third-party check was removed from the ballot requirements. If someone wished to vote again by copying that ballot, I suspect that more than one vote could have been recorded.

Somehow the irresponsible leftists want to define "vote suppression” as following the laws that define who is legally eligible to vote. Do they want to open this important right of voting to any person of any age, alive or dead, non-citizens and illegal immigrants, and perhaps dogs and cats as well?

It was clear that the repeated cry of the internet “fact checkers” opposing any call for voter fraud review was supposed to assure us that everything was fine, and we should go back to sleep. They doth protest too much, in my opinion.

I moved away from the great state of California, as apparently did Mr. Blaustein, in part to get away from the ridiculous ideas of what all government should be, as promoted by the “progressive-left” of Berkley and other such universities and colleges. Following the laws, established to promote fair and equal elections by having only responsible U.S. citizens vote, is not vote suppression. It is vote integrity.

Joseph Stalin is reported to have said, “Votes don’t matter, it’s who counts them that puts us in control!"