Polling place

In the Dec. 30 letters to the editor, Dave Stottrup made the argument that the president is immoral because he is contesting the election results in the court system and that all Republicans are complicit for supporting him. It is not immoral when you want to uncover the truth. Certainly, from a policy standpoint, Democrats support all sorts of immoral behavior and candidates, but I digress.

The president and some of his supporters feel that there were enough voting irregularities that the issue needs to be brought up and discussed in the courts. That is completely in his right to do so and does not make him immoral. As Rep. Glenn Gruenhagen indicated in his Dec. 30 letter, there certainly is enough concern in several of the states that it should be investigated and discussed.

Of course, this would not be an issue if you had to prove who you are in every state to vote. But of course, the Democrats do not support that! When Democrats support undocumented voters, illegal alien voters and 24-hour unmanned ballot boxes, such as in the state of Georgia, what do you expect? From my viewpoint, many of these issues were caused by the Democratic Party’s desire to have loose voting controls, so they have no one to blame but themselves.

If you want to stop voting issues and create a system with integrity, then you need to tighten up the voting system so there is little to no room for fraudulent activity. Voting ID required! Voter stations manned to prevent ballot box stuffing! Better security controls for computer systems with paper backup so votes can be verified! No more questionable situations like: “I found 15,000 votes in the trunk of my car and look, 90% are for the Democratic candidate. I don’t know how that could have happened?”

Democrats, if you do not like the way the election is going, you just need to look in the mirror, because you had a hand in designing it that way! Garbage in = Garbage out. Sounds like the last COVID bill that just passed, but I digress.