Pheasants Forever established this monument Sept. 4, which lists all the contributing partners and organizations that made the purchase of the Kingston Wildlife Management Area a reality.

I have been reading with interest the recent articles about the Pheasants Forever-led project to purchase 625 acres of land in Meeker County for a wildlife management area. These articles were published in the Litchfield Independent Review, the Hutchinson Leader, and recently the Outdoor News weekly paper.

This is a worthwhile project, and besides the federal grants, several local 501©(3) groups contributed approximately $110,000 to the cause. Amongst these are the local Minnesota Deer Hunters Association chapters whose donations totaled $74,000: Crow River chapter $30,000, Central Minnesota chapter $5,000, Wright County/West Metro chapter $1,000, Sherburne County chapter $1,000, and the MDHA State Habitat Committee $37,000.

The $37,000 in donations from local chapters are proceeds from local banquets, raffles and other events. The $37,000 matching funds from the state habitat committee are mainly from the orange Hides for Habitat boxes throughout the state.

Besides contributing to local 4-H clubs, trap shooting teams, Forkhorn Camps and more, this is a prime example of local dollars being put to good use.

For those of you who donate to local MDHA chapters and other outdoor organizations, thank you and well done.

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