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In response to your clearly off-putting reaction to the vaccine exemption poll, I ask you this: What did you expect?

You opened the doors on a public platform to a white-hot topic fueled by countless parents who are fired up and ready to protect their children against what is probably the most corrupt agenda the U.S., if not the world, has ever seen.

To get upset over being “freeped” at about a thousand people exercising their freedom of speech, regardless if it was supposed to be directed to just the people that live in Hutchinson, is absurd. You asked on a worldwide platform. You were given a response. It can’t be helped if you didn’t like the answer because it didn’t match your views. Guess what? Voices will be heard. People will not be silenced.

You wrote, “Why do people who oppose vaccinations feel they must manipulate online polls to further their agenda? Why not have this conversation in the open without deception and with medical professionals to support their arguments? Our online polls are not about winning or losing, they’re about hearing from both sides.”

We aren’t manipulating the polls, simply voicing our opinion on the polls in question. The option for a conversation was very recent in Hutchinson. "Vaxxed 2: The People's Truth" played Nov. 6 with a discussion following. All were welcome to attend. Hopefully another opportunity will present itself soon.

You say we try to deceive. A man by the name of Dr. Anthony Mawson led the first ever peer-reviewed study of vaccinated vs. unvaccinated children ages 6-12 in the U.S. Guess what he found out? Vaccinated children have a higher rate of sickness and a whopping 470 percent increase in autism. Here is a link to that study:

Would you like to know what we’re upset about? The fact that aborted fetal tissue is in vaccines, and there have even been whole genomes found in some! We’re upset about the carcinogens, the mercury, the aluminum and other foreign substances used, like animal cells. We are upset about the lack of double-blind placebo studies.

We’re upset that there are people considering taking our freedom of choice away from making decisions concerning the health of ourselves and our children. Medical freedom is at risk! When you take away one freedom it is a slippery slope to taking away all, especially when vaccine companies are legally protected from liability.

If they are so safe, why the need for protection from liability? Here's another link:

I question the safety, the studies, the corruption of both pharmaceutical companies and politicians. Therefore I push the pause button, I study, I read, I listen and I have conversations. I make choices regarding my family. If I choose staggered, delayed, limited or void of vaccination, that would be our choice to make.

Go ahead. Be upset that a thousand people flooded your poll and gave your Facebook page a hit.

We live in an age where information is literally at our fingertips. Do not underestimate the power of a passionate group of people who are seeking information and answers.

Amy Bergren of Hutchinson cosigned this letter.

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