Bible and cross

In the movie, “The Usual Suspects,” Verbal Kint, says, “The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.” I say the second greatest lie he ever told is that sin doesn’t exist; that it’s just mistakes, or foul-ups, or accidents. That we as human beings are really basically good people who occasionally do bad things, or make mistakes and run into some kind of trouble. You see, that line of thinking lets us all off the hook. If we believe this, that there is no sin, then the devil has won, convincing us we can act however we want with little or no spiritual consequence.

The life, work, death and resurrection of Jesus exposes this lie of the devil for what it is, a ploy designed to lead us away from our faith. The devil is always seeking to take the true faith in Jesus Christ away from us. Jesus shows us by his actions on our behalf that the faith He gives us is the only thing that saves us from the devil.

— The Rev. David Markworth is pastor at St. John’s Lutheran Church in rural Hutchinson.