Cade Cervin won the 2020 Sixth Grade Science Fair Feb. 6 at Litchfield Middle School with a project that tested the moisture capacity of soil.As part of his project, Cervin learned that silty clay and clay loam soils have a large water holding capacity, which can be advantageous to crop growth.“The soil one was different,” Shane Satterlee, science teacher, said about Cervin’s project. “That was kind of the overall champion. Most people don’t do stuff with the soil. His dad is a farmer, and he’s big into farming, and he knows a lot about farming. So it was very interesting to him.”Judges of the science fair include community members with science backgrounds. Each of four categories — food/consumer products, engineering/sports, biology and physical science — has a winner, and an overall science fair grand champion is chosen.Category winners in addition to Cervin in biology, were Ella Taber in food/consumer projects, Ellery Cziok and Lincoln Dille in engineering/sports, and Ingrid Hansen in physical science.

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