When I was in high school, I couldn’t wait to get out of the magnolia state.

I plotted my escape and dreamed of the day that I could leave. Now, finding myself 1,000 miles away and a bit far from the comforts of year-long southern summers and my family, I have decided to return home. I hate to say it because working in Litchfield has been an incredible experience.

I’ve enjoyed getting to be a part of Litchfield’s rich history during its 150th anniversary and covering events in the town. Best of all, I get to be in Litchfield during Watercade — its crowning event. I guess you can’t really say you’ve been a part of Litchfield if you haven’t been to Watercade.

While I’m sad to go, I’ll be here for one more week. To all of you who have offered kind words while I’ve been editor, thank you for making my job easier. Litchfield is full of wonderful people, and there’s a lot to look forward to in the coming years. Don’t worry — publisher Brent Schacherer will be in my stead to keep the Litchfield Independent Review in ship-shape until they can find a replacement editor. Reporter Sarv Mithaqiyan will be here to document city council and school board as well as write interesting features.

I hope that y’all can look back and enjoy the articles I’ve written in my time as editor of the Independent Review. It’s been an incredible honor to be trusted with the news leadership at the Review and meet everyone in town. Thank you for sharing your stories and thanks for letting me share your stories with everyone.

Before I go, feel free to stop by the office before July 19 to talk or chat. I’ve enjoyed getting to know this place, its people and the community as a whole. Litchfield remains a special place — on the cusp of the future with the school’s referendum, the wellness center and 2020 downtown highway construction to look forward to while maintaining its rich, storied past.

I’m sorry I’m going to miss everything going forward and won’t be here to document it, but I’m excited for Litchfield’s future. I’ve learned a lot during my time in Litchfield and hope that I’ve positively impacted your lives with stories, photos and conversations.

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