Around 30 kids played dodgeball with Meeker County Sheriff deputies at Breed’s Park in Dassel.

The new Sheriff Activity League, sponsored by the Meeker County Deputy Sheriff’s Association, organized the fun event for the first time. Deputy Sara Miller said the purpose of the activity league is bringing all the kids out and allowing them to connect with the deputies.

“(The children can) meet us (and) know that we’re not bad people and that they can comfortable talking to us,” Miller said. “And we felt that doing a physical activity with them in some way, shape or form would be helpful for them to feel more comfortable with us.”

Deputy Kaylin Hare said this is a unique opportunity for kids to learn who the deputies are and connect naturally.

“(The deputies) like to make sure that they are ingrained in our community,” Hare said. “So that’s why we’re doing this. And we plan to do it in every single town in the county. ... It’s every two weeks.”

Miller said posters are set up in Grove City, Cosmos and Watkins, which are the next three towns in which the association will organize activities. They will post more details on their Facebook page.

“I just like the community to learn that the (deputies) are very involved in (their) community,” Hare said. “We want to provide a good presence and show that not all cops are bad. We want to make it so that the kids can approach us, and we seem approachable.”

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