A committee of administration members and coaches from Litchfield and Dassel-Cokato schools have chosen a logo aimed at connecting all their co-op sports teams.

But the logo will not change what the co-op teams are referred to as.

Developing a new logo started after the two school boards approved the color scheme and co-op between the wrestling programs, Activities Director Justin Brown wrote in a memo sent to the Litchfield School Board.

Abbey Lang, Dassel-Cokato communications director, spearheaded the design with the aid of Brett Olson, owner and production manager of OverTime Ink, and developed 12 logos. That number was reduced to the one preferred design presented to the Litchfield School Board at its meeting Monday.

“The biggest reason why we’re looking at something quickly is because wrestling needs a logo,” Brown said. “They need something that they can put on their singlets, they need to get them ordered. And so, they’re looking at moving forward with this.”

The committee decided to go with a logo simply displaying “DLC,” where “D” and “C” are colored navy-blue with a green outline, and “L” is green with a navy-blue outline.

“The logo brings both school colors together and shows unity amongst Litchfield and Dassel-Cokato schools,” Brown said in the memo.

Board member David Huhner asked Brown why another design, with a lightning bolt and a dragon, wasn’t the one selected.

“I think we leaned away from that because we don’t know what our mascot is going to be,” Brown replied. “You know, when we talk about mascots .. if we stay just Litchfield/Dassel-Cokato hockey, and not necessarily have a mascot, I think that (logo) really fits.”

Brown spoke to parents and students about mascot options. He discovered that parents gravitated toward “charging dragons,” while students leaned toward “warriors.”

Superintendent Beckie Simenson applauded Brown for the way he’s managed the process.

“You know, to have those meetings, to be open to what parents are saying, to include what coaches say, that it is a big decision,” Simenson said. “And you can only rush it, but … it takes time to step back and then decide what you are going to do after that – good work.”

The committee is in preliminary stages of selecting a mascot, a process that might take a year or longer, Brown said.

“It’s going to take more time to develop that and see the direction that we go,” he said.

Litchfield School Board will vote Oct. 14 on whether to approve the committee’s suggested logo.

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