The Litchfield High School Marching Band is bringing nostalgic music Thursda, June 6.

The band will showcase their new uniforms and lively music from the 1930s at the upcoming sneak peek summer parade show, starting at 5:30-7 p.m. at the high school. They will begin marching at 7 p.m. on 10th St. in front of the high school and around the block. The band boosters will be selling Wattenhofers’ pork chop on a stick, chips and bottled water for $5.

This is something new that the band is trying, said band director Dave Ceasar.

“The new show is jazz,” Ceasar said. “It’s fun. It’s called ‘Chicago 1930.’ So it’s all about the transitions that were happening around the late ‘20s early ‘30s, and it’s fast.”

Over the last seven years, all of their summer shows have demonstrated either a heroic figure or the death of civilization such as Spartacus and the fall of Rome. But this summer it’s going to be fast, fun, loud and exciting, Ceasar said.

“I am excited about having it be just all about fun and up-tempo music, less drama and more in-your-face, loud music,” he said.

Ceasar said that the band needed enough money in the booster program in order to cover the uniforms, but it turned out that they also needed to purchase new instruments.

“So the money that we had planned for the uniforms actually got used on new instruments, and so the district came through and actually put in enough money to cover two-thirds of our cost,” he said.

The band needed a total of $80,000 to get new uniforms. The band boosters contributed $25,000, and the school district contributed $55,000, Ceasar said.

The band will get to debut the new uniforms, which will be a first for close to 22 years.

Although their numbers are nowhere near bigger schools such as Edina or Rosemont that have 350 people in the marching band, they have a high-quality program, and they are proud of what they do. For more than 60 years, they have had one of the best marching bands in the state and constantly rank in the top four, he said.

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