Danna Burgos made her appearance six days late but just in time to earn the title of the first baby of the New Year at the Meeker Memorial Hospital.

Parents Jose and Mayra Burgos, and daughters Dannyela, 3, and Abbygail, 9, welcomed 7-pound Danna into the world at 1:42 p.m. Jan. 1.

“When I was pregnant, I was thinking I wanted a boy because I had two girls, but I’m so happy with a girl,” Mayra said.

Since the baby was past due several days, Mayra and Jose, who live in Willmar, headed to Meeker Memorial around 12:45 p.m. Dec. 31, Mayra said.

Mayra and her physician, Dr. Pamela Brett, agreed on inducing labor.

“And we waited for 12 hours,” Mayra said, which helped with the birthing process. “And she did another induction again Jan. 1, and Danna was born fast.”

Danna was named after her father’s middle name Daniel, or Danny, which he is called in Puerto Rico by most of his friends, Mayra said.

Mayra said since her first two daughters were born at Meeker Memorial Hospital, she wanted the same for Danna.

“I like how the people work in here,” she said. “That’s why I’m coming — all the time — in this hospital.”

Big sister Abbygail said she’s happy, excited and grateful for having Danna in her family. When Danna matures, Abbygail looks forward to teaching her the alphabet, math and singing, she said.

“Because usually I have one sister and (will) have two to play with you when she grows up more,” she added.

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