Hashtag Goals Nutrition, a new shake shop that opened April 20 in downtown Litchfield at 207 N. Sibley Ave. Suite 101, serves aloe tea and shakes with Herbal Life products that can be a substitute for traditional meals.

Store owners Corrina McQuiston-Kurowski and Adam Kurowski work with customers as wellness coaches on their personal nutrition goals.

“We are like a healthy version of a burger, (fries) and soda,” said Vienna Hansen, one of the store’s four wellness coaches who operates her own store, Crave Nutrition, in Cold Spring.

The community had a need for an energy boost as Litchfield has more than three coffee shops, Hansen said. She said her customers come in for a variety of reasons.

“Either we see customers come in that are looking for a healthy alternative fast food or we have people that have a really tough time getting breakfast in, so they’ll come in for breakfast,” Hansen said.

The shakes served at the shop are no more than 240 calories and can contain as much as 24 grams of protein. The business provides wellness coaching to help them reach their goals, Hansen said.

“So if they’re looking to find a healthy option for breakfast or weight loss or maintaining a healthy weight or weight gain, that’s what we do,” Vienna said.

Hailey Johnson, who works as a wellness coach, and her aunt Corrina used to be clients of Hansen. They both began their weight loss journey with Hansen. Johnson lost 40 pounds and Corinna lost more than 61 pounds.

“When we were kinda ... going through things, and they were on their own journey, they had seen a business opportunity with it, because they had so many people asking them about their results,” Hansen said.

The need for a better food alternative and physical wellness activity is what spurred Johnson, Corrina, and Adam to establish their company.

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