Considering options

Perusing the coolers of product will become a thing of the past as Litchfield Liquor adjusts to the "new normal" of social distancing during the coronavirus threat. The store will be closed Friday, March 27, to allow staff to remodel and create a storefront pay-and-pickup for orders phoned in to the store.

Litchfield Liquor will be closed today (March 27) to allow city staff to remodel and create a "take out" service, rather than having customers enter the building.

The change is in response to the coronavirus pandemic and social distancing guidelines, according to City Administrator David Cziok.

"Things just aren't as safe as they should be in there right now for either the customer or staff," Cziok said in an email.

Staff will create a physical barrier to keep customers from entering the store, Cziok said, and staff will take orders via telephone, and be prepared to fill the orders for pick up.

"Once we get the system completely ironed out, we will work on educating the public on how we will handle this," Cziok said. "... we just made the decision, and it's in everyone best interest. We will set up a system so we can continue to provide that service throughout this new normal."

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