Hayley Polzin and Abbigail Lietzau have been named Students of the Week at Litchfield High School for the week of May 10-14.

Polzin, a freshman, was nominated by health teacher Andrea Michels, who praised her "positive attitude and quality work ethic at all times."

"Hayley is a dedicated student that has gone out of her way to attend class and complete work consistently at a high level of success, especially throughout the challenges that have come with COVID," Michels wrote in her nomination. "Hayley went out of her way to obtain the optional full CPR certification through class by successfully demonstrating the necessary skills in performing CPR on adults and infants, a valuable lifelong skill."

The daughter of Amanda Loew and Ray Loew of Litchfield, Polzin "sets high expectations for herself, which is evident in her assignments and tests, which she exceeds expectations in," Michels said.

Polzin is a member of the LHS dance team, and in her free time she enjoys being outside, camping and hanging out with family and friends.

Lietzau, a sophomore, was nominated by Spanish teacher Mark Mavencamp, who said "she is an absolute joy to have in class."

"Abbigail persists in learning Spanish with a positive attitude, even when it is confusing or difficult," Mavencamp wrote. "Abbigail fully engages in the subject matter, attempting to speak Spanish whenever possible."

Lietzau also engages with the Hispanic culture outside of class and brings additional questions, observations and thoughts about it to class, Mavencamp said.

She participates in band, playing the clarinet since sixth grade. Outside of school activities, Lietzau likes to read and train and play with her dog. She also enjoys traveling.

She is the daughter of Valerie Imholte and Sam Serakos of Eden Valley.