UpStander Emily Kruger

Emily Kruger

Teachers and staff at Lake Ripley Elementary School recognize students who make great choices in a number of ways. One of those recognition programs is the UpStander Award, which recognizes third- and fourth-grade students who exhibit good behavior and leadership. The award is presented monthly. Following are November UpStanders at Lake Ripley Elementary School:

William Hernadez, a student in Leah Jenzen’s third-grade classroom, is always a great example of what to do and how to act. He is kind, helpful, caring and hard working! Thank you William for being such a great role model of Dragon Pride!

Emily Kruger, a fourth-grader in Carrie Johnson’s class, is so incredibly kind and thoughtful of others. She speaks in such friendly ways and looks to be sure that others are feeling included. A great example of how to be an UpStander!