Anna Stilwell and Will Vines were named Students of the Week for Oct. 19-23 at Litchfield High School.

Stilwell, a sophomore, was nominated by social studies teacher Katie Savage because of her hard work and effort.

“She is an excellent communicator and adds a lot to class discussions,” Savage wrote. “She is willing to answer tough questions and give personal opinions in a very mature manner.”

Stilwell also is a classroom leader who works well with others, Savage wrote, and “She is always ready to learn more and is the type of student that teachers are lucky to have!”

The daughter of Ryan and Holly Stilwell, she is involved in tennis and track, and she also enjoys dance, traveling, being around friends and going to concerts.

Math teacher Dan Buker nominated Vines, because he “demonstrates a strong work ethic ... (and) a deep understanding of the geometry concepts.”

Vines, a sophomore, also has “courage to challenge incorrect answers and speak up about them” while working well with other students, Buker wrote.

Outside of class, Vines wrote, “I like to bike in my free time. I also like to go fishing with my dad once in a while. I love to sleep, and I love to eat.”

He is the son of John Vines and Joy Vines of Litchfield.