Kate Spanos and Max Ceasar were named Students of the Week for May 18-22 at Litchfield High School.

Spanos, a junior, was nominated for the award by English teacher Candace Boerema.

“Kate always has a positive attitude in class,” Boerema wrote. “Kate challenges herself to go above and beyond in her assignments, always creating a unique and exemplary end product.”

During the last two months of the school year, under the challenges of distance learning, “Kate show(ed) up to our Zoom meetings every day with a smile and with her video on,” Boerema said. “I love seeing her smiling face in our Zoom meetings. She has not lessened her enthusiasm even during this distance learning period.”

In addition, Spanos “encourages her peers in the classroom and throughout the school day (and) ... is kind to all people.”

The daughter of John and Julie Spanos, Kate participates in tennis, robotics and marching band. Outside of school, she has participated in the MST Mission Trip and enjoys knitting, cross-stitching, sewing, playing trumpet, cooking, listening to music, hanging out with friends and putting together jigsaw puzzles.

Ceasar, a junior, was nominated by Ashley Pingree in the English department, because he “has shown a diligent effort in his school work. He consistently turns in well-crafted, thoughtful work on time.”

“During distance learning, Max has proven his dedication to school through his attendance at Meets and completion of assignments,” Pingree said. “In class, Max always has a positive attitude and brings an air of light-heartedness to anything. He adds a lot of character to any class.”

Max also “has matured immensely since he was a freshman. He has proven to me this year he is ready for the next step of life, whatever that may be.”

The son of Dave any Shelly Ceasar, Max participates in marching band and tennis. Outside of school, “I recently got a ping pong table and it takes a lot of my time,” he said.

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