The musical fun of Litchfield Live returned to Bernie Aaker Auditorium last week, as Litchfield High School choir members took the stage for group and solo performances.

The annual choir showcase was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic last year. This year’s event still had limited attendance, and choir members wore masks during group numbers, but the music was as full-throated as ever.

Five students performed solos, including two — Portia Lawrence and Jaritz Cazares — singing two songs each. One of the numbers performed by Cazares was a song she wrote on her own in appreciation of a classmate who she said has always been supportive of her, especially in difficult times.

Josie Janson sang “Jersey On The Wall” in tribute to classmate Dylan Falling, who died in a car crash last summer. The moving song brought a standing ovation from the audience, and tears to Janson’s eyes as she finished it.

Four choirs — Bel-Canto, Women, Men and Dragonaires — performed a range of songs, from pop music hits to a sea shanty from the mid-1800s.