Occupation: General manager of The INTEGRA Program®, Anderson Chemical Company

What issues caused you to run for Litchfield School Board (list up to three)?

There is not a singular issue that encouraged me to run for Litchfield school board. As a parent, LHS graduate and community member, I have a desire to serve and work hard to build on the great things our community has to offer, in this case the Litchfield school district. We’re blessed with quality people across our school district and I’d be honored to work with them as a school board member.

If elected, how would you gather input from constituents, and how would that input play a role in your decision-making on the School Board?

Good decision making requires good communication and well-rounded information. In order to have well-rounded information, I will absolutely seek input from parents, community members, teachers and district leadership during the various stages of the decision-making process. At times, I also believe gathering input from students can be beneficial. Communicating well with these stakeholders will help inform my decisions as a school board member.

In the event the district is lacking financial resources, what would you recommend? (levy referendum, cuts to staff or programs?)

Managing financial resources wisely is always a critical task the school board and all district staff must do well, whether the financial situation is good or bad. In the event of lacking financial resources, looking at all scenarios is prudent. Each scenario is sure to come with multiple pros and cons, so being well informed of the short and long term impacts is critical before making a final recommendation or decision. Doing what is best for students must remain at the center of how these difficult decisions are made!

Business relies on the K-12 education system for its future workforce. How should the district prepare students for future employment?

The district must help students prepare for their future in many ways. The students must receive high quality academic instruction to develop their skills and knowledge. This requires expertise from our teachers to meet many individual learning styles! The district must also help kids grow their intangible skills such as relationship building, problem solving, developing great work habits, and learning from mistakes/challenges. As the district continues to deliver this type of education to our students, they’ll be well prepared for their future!

As an elected official, how can you further growth and prosperity in the Litchfield School District?

We have excellent leadership in our school district! As a school board member, my first role will be to learn and understand the vision our district leadership team has to help our students grow and prosper. Gaining this knowledge will then allow me support or challenge the vision as we pursue it. Helping the kids in our district grow and prepare for their future is extremely motivating and I look forward to the opportunity to serve the district as a school board member!