Occupation: Manufacturing engineer at 3M Hutchinson

What issues caused you to run for Litchfield School Board (list up to three)?

There is no particular issue that drove me to run for Litchfield School Board. I am just trying to give back to my community. I’ve been a Litchfield resident for 21 years. I am a graduate from LHS. I am married with 3 wonderful kids. I want to use my knowledge and experience to help the youth succeed in our community. I truly believe every kid deserves a high-quality education and I will do my best to deliver that as a school board member.

If elected, how would you gather input from constituents, and how woold that input play a role in your decision-making on the School Board?

My goal is to represent the families and school staff of our community. I will openly pursue communication with families, teachers, custodians, cooks and all other school staff to get different opinions and viewpoints. I will hand out business cards and post posters around business to have my contact information available to the public. When issues arise, my engineering mindset will help gather information from all areas, work with the school board team and/or public to determine solutions, then implement the solution with control plan in place.

In the event the district is lacking financial resources, what would you recommend? (levy referendum, cuts to staff or programs?)

My last resort for any financial issues would be to cut programs. We would have to review every expense line by line and identify areas where there is room to reduce cost. I was fortunate to be part of the referendum team last year to bring more capital to the Litchfield Schools. Hopefully this referendum will keep the schools financially positive for the foreseeable future.

Business relies on the K-12 education system for its future workforce. How should the district prepare students for future employment?

Not sure if we’re doing this already but getting local businesses involved with our schools would create a strong bond between students and businesses. I have seen other school districts get volunteer help from local businesses for STEM teaching workshops, Junior Achievement courses, judging at science fairs and other teaching opportunities that benefits the kids greatly and gives the businesses a strong relationship with the schools. Another idea would be shadowing programs with local businesses for high school students. If we can show these kids a snapshot of different careers, it might help them choose a path to their future job.

As an elected official, how can you further growth and prosperity in the Litchfield School District?

As an elected official, my job will be to serve all families and all school staff to the best of my abilities. These school staff members have one of the most important jobs to educate and help our kids grow into adults. They deserve to be recognized and be heard. I believe that the job of the school board members is to be their voice and make sure these kids have the highest quality of education possible. I will also be the voice of the Hispanic families that currently don’t have a voice.