Anna Euerle

Anna Euerle speaks during what was a kind of farewell address during the Region V FFA Awards Program April 20 at Bernie Aaker Auditorium.

A self-professed introvert, Anna Euerle found herself becoming much more public during the past year.

As a member of the 2020-2021 Minnesota FFA State Officer Team, Euerle traveled the state — virtually and physically — speaking to and working with FFA members on a range of things.

Last week, the 2020 Litchfield High School graduate “came home” with a speech to the Region V awards program April 20 at Bernie Aaker Auditorium, one of her final acts as a state reporter. Her message to her fellow region FFAers was simple – don’t let your inhibitions stop you from doing big things.

“I used to spend a lot of time wondering why we all have that feeling of not belonging until I realized that the wondering of it all was an awful lot like worrying over the details of why I didn’t fit it,” Euerle said. “I needed to change the way I approached it, because no matter what makes us anxious, it will never go away if we don’t decide to make that change. After realizing this, I knew that there was a host of opportunities out there that I hadn’t even explored yet.”

She went out and found many of those opportunities through FFA. Before becoming a state officer, Euerle was a tentative freshman who was coaxed into an FFA meeting at LHS. And she grew in knowledge and confidence through activities.

Euerle, the daughter of Vaughn and Joan Euerle, who operate a rural Litchfield dairy farm, participated in FFA dairy evaluation, dairy handlers, milk quality and products and discussion meets. She also was part of the Litchfield parliamentary procedure and conduct of chapter meetings teams. She advanced with her conduct of chapter meetings team to the final round of national competition, the best showing of a Minnesota team in state FFA history. The parliamentary procedure team also reached national competition.

She served as Litchfield Chapter president twice and treasurer once, and eventually was elected region president.

The excitement of being chosen to serve on the state officer team last year was dulled a bit because the state convention was held virtually due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead of a large banquet hall at a metro area hotel, Euerle accepted her position on the state officer team in the living room at her parents’ home.

Kind of sounds like an introverts’ dream. But these days, while Euerle still enjoys time at home, she’s more about grabbing opportunities when presented and making the most of them.

“There have been plenty of times that we felt uncomfortable, whether it be talking on a Zoom call … or maybe just being overwhelmed with everything that’s going on,” Euerle said. But when those things happen, she said later, it’s important to “think of the space that you are most comfortable in. Recognize what makes you comfortable in that space, and go up from it and conquer every opportunity that’s possible.”

Euerle thanked her parents, her grandmother and her siblings for their support, and her fellow FFA members and state team members.

“I know I wouldn’t be standing on this stage without all of the help from my supporters like my family, (FFA) administration and chapter,” she concluded. “I’m truly thankful for everybody that’s here … for making me who I am.”