Occupation: Homemaker, Student, Tax preparer and Air Force Veteran

What issues caused you to run for Litchfield School Board (list up to three)?

What mobilized me to run for the school board was so that I could increase community representation of all demographics and to help prepare current students for a diverse world. I am eager to work towards a holistic education for the students in our community. I intend to incorporate educators’ insights and prepare students for life after high school whether that be in a skilled position or with a university.

If elected, how would you gather input from constituents, and how would that input play a role in your decision-making on the School Board?

a. Social media is the most time sensitive and effective way to communicate and listen to our community. Especially with the circumstances of COVID, we are propelled to find new ways to connect and social media will achieve this. The future is now, with technology and adaptability everyone can have a voice.

b. Part of the reason I am running is because a large portion of our community does not have a voice. I invite all sources of perspectives and feedback so that I may integrate said sources into solutions to meet the needs of the community.

In the event the district is lacking financial resources, what would you recommend? (levy referendum, cuts to staff or programs?)

I would suggest we perform an analysis of the budget and work to incorporate community insight to develop a solution. Investigating free spending is always a priority. I would sort objectives into categories of priorities all the while making sure transparency stays a priority. Cutting Teachers and school programs need to be the absolute last way to face a budget shortfall.

Business relies on the K-12 education system for its future workforce. How should the district prepare students for future employment?

We need to foster skills for our children, from the earliest stages of their education to potentially their last. Skills such as: communication, leadership, adaptability, resilience, and critical thinking skills, is what will lead our students to success. I also believe that with all the skilled workers in the community we have an opportunity to have a community integrated education.

As an elected official, how can you further growth and prosperity in the Litchfield School District?

If elected I want to bring a new kinder atmosphere, where it does not matter what you look like, what kind of clothes you wear or what financial status you hold. Litchfield school district should be welcoming and inclusive to all our community members. I hope that when our students and parents feel heard and represented, they will feel more comfortable and get more involved in district events and activities. This in turn will help attract new families to our school district and help keep and improve the relationships within our community. It takes a village!